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The Balmain Association Inc
Sat 30, Sun 31 October 10am – 5pm
Seven artists are ‘doing time’ this weekend. These ‘prisoners of artmaking’, 3 female and 4 male, however, are hoping for clemency by presenting a very colourful array of their artworks. The inmates are all from Sydney but each with a different cultural background. Brought together by a passion for art and ‘crime’ this is their first collective initiative.
Opening Fri, 29, 6-8.30pm ALL WELCOME
Chrissie Cotter Gallery
Inner West Courrier
Marrickville Council’s Chrissie Cotter Gallery will display the artworks of painter Cornelis Timmer in the exhibition Work the Line.

The artist’s work has taken a ten-year transformation from expressionistic lines and shapes towards a more geometric abstraction. From expressive, bold strokes, strong colours to a construct style and straight lines.

Timmer said living and working in Sydney has meant his work reflects the big city.

The architecture, buildings, roads and other infrastrure of the Inner west especially Parramatta Road has had an influence. The daily commute to and from work along Parramatta Road has definitely made an impact on his work.

Work the Line is at Chrissie Cotter Gallery Pidcock Street Camperdown from Wednesday 5 May until Sunday 16 May.
Chrissie Cotter Gallery IS open Wednesday to Sunday 11.OOam -4.00pm.

Drawing a Line

Marrickville Council Website
23 April 2010
A ten-year transformation from expressionistic lines and shapes towards a more geometric abstraction can be seen soon at Marrickville Council‟s Chrissie Cotter Gallery.

Painter Cornelis Timmer says he began stripping back his painting practice in search of a more pure style. It is this that will be on display at his exhibition Work the Line.

“My paintings have changed a lot. Ten years ago the work was very expressive.Bold strokes, strong colours, very abstract. And it slowly went to a bit more of a constructed sort of style. Now I pretty much work with straight lines,” Mr Timmer said.

“Working and living in Sydney has meant the works reflect more the big city – the big smoke. I‟m influenced by the big architecture, the big buildings and roads, the infrastructure basically of the inner west, especially Parramatta Road. I work part time at
the University of Sydney and I do a daily bus trip up and down Parramatta Road, so definitely, it has an impact on how you think.”

The Mayor of Marrickville Councillor Sam Iskandar said he is always interested in where local artists find their inspiration.

“Of course it‟s easy to see Parramatta Road as just a noisy congested thoroughfare. But I have also heard it described as „Sydney‟s very soul‟, and the „Gateway to the West‟. It‟s fascinating that this exhibition to be held in the inner west has been so much inspired by
the buildings and roads of the inner west,” Councillor Iskandar said.

“It‟s very gratifying that Council can offer this free gallery space to our local artists so they
can reflect back to us a different appreciation for things we might all take for granted.”

“I‟m very grateful to Marrickville Council to have this opportunity,” said Mr Timmer. “It‟s hard to find gallery space. And I was very much in need of a show.”

Work the Line is on at the Chrissie Cotter Gallery Pidcock Street Camperdown from Wednesday 5 May. Print quality images are available upon request.

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